Brand: PowerMaster
Product Code: PIR-7696
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PowerMaster PIR 360° Motion Sensor for Recessed Ceiling - Flush fit

This high quality Flush Fit PIR motion & occupancy sensor switch is with complete 360 degree detection angle. Enables connected lights to switch on automatically when someone enters the room. The light will stay on until the person leaves the room and then switches itself off when the room is unoccupied. This model is designed to fit recessed ceilings like plasterboard or wooden with a open space of over 50mm. Our 360° PIR sensor comes in white with adjustable Sensitivity, Time on & LUX and easy to follow fitting instructions.These Occupancy sensors reflect the latest development in interior lighting technology and provides almost zero energy wastage in terms of lights being on unnecessarily.

  • Total Switching Capacity 1200w
  • Incandescent - 1200w
  • Fluorescent - 300w
  • LED - 300w
  • Time on upto 12min
  • PIR Range upto 10m
  • PIR Angle 360 Degrees
  • Dimensions: 105mm 105mm 58m

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