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100w Energizer Heavy Duty LED Flood Light (Day White 6500k) IP65

Energizer IP65 LED Commercial Floodlight - 100W - 9,000 Lumen - 6,000K (Daylight)  5 Year Guarantee  

This Heavy Duty Industrial quality LED Flood light suited for all areas as its an IP65 protection rated so no moisture or dust will affect it. Designed with a robust housing and toughend tempered glass lens it gives an efficient lighting source with instant full brightness Day white crisp light also a potential savings of up to 85% in running costs compared with similar metal halide lighting products.

This is the latest model in this range and a super bright comercial flood light this would suit as security for large size front drive or garden and ideal fitting hight 4 metres high and above, also for applications such as car parks, walkways, assembly line inspection, and other larger comercial areas.

  • Aluminium & Glass
  • 9000 Lumen
  • 5 YEAR Guarantee 
  • Matt Black Finish
  • 240V
  • Daylight 6500K
  • 288 x 290x 48 mm
  • Tempered Glass
  • IP65

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