Brand: LoNRG
Product Code: SW-1260
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LoNRG Low Load Dimmer Switch

This LED dimmer switch is specifically designed for use with dimmable led light bulbs. Traditional dimmer switches have a minimum wattage normally around 40-60W meaning they cannot be used for low energy lighting. In addition, LED dimmer switches are specially designed to prevent flickering of dimmable LED lights. Other low load dimmers may dim the lights but our testing has shown that there is often flickering when dimmed which often cause premature failure of the led lamps. Good modern appearance with fascia to cover screw fixings and full range dimming unlike some cheaper alternative which may only dim lights to 50% of full brightness. It can handle max load 650W and min load 3W, 1 gang, 1 way, live and load connections, live feed marked L, dimmed out marked A

  • LED dimmer switch
  • Size 86 x 86 mm
  • Fascia to cover screw fixings
  • Max load 650W, Min load 3W
  • Suits most dimmable LED lamps
  • Easy to Install instructions

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