Brand: LoNRG
Product Code: 1122-50
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Easy Clamp Connectors (Pack of 50)

Our Easy Clamp Connectors are a Compact Connector for Flexible Conductors

They look like a push-wire connector for junction boxes but are as small as a push-wire connector for junction boxes. It is protected against accidental contact like a push-wire connector for junction boxes and make your wire connecting an easier job while saving you precious time with endless applications.

Operation of the connectors is simple; Lift the orange lever 90 degrees which opens the connector (a powerful spring within the connector) insert your striped wire(s) and hold in place while you return the lever to the closed position this binds the contact to the wire.

Fully reusable, the connector can be operated over and over again, and is suitable for solid, stranded and fine stranded cable from 0.75mm2 to 2.5mm2

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