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Colour Changing Flexible-Music Sensor LED Strip Light Kit 250cm

Our high quality large colour changing flexi strip light can be used to brighten up your home or in endless applications like DIY household lights for hallways, borders, stairs, trails, windows, hotels decoration use, theatres, clubs, shopping malls, festivals and performances. They run with low temperature and low power consumption gel coating for dust protected and against splashing water thou not entirely in the water its ideal for both interior and exterior decoration and reliability as have expected lifespan of 50,000 hours.

These RGB colour changing strip light which offers you a wide range of colour selections as well as various fading options which can be controlled via the wireless controller. But what makes these so special is the latest in gadgetry ad-dons a sound to light controller allowing you to change the colours / sequence of the strip to the beat of music or sound. This gives a whole new dimension to lighting and would make this the new must have lighting a popular package for nightclubs, bar owners, kids rooms etc as it's an affordable way to create a great effect. You can also turn off the sound to light feature and operate the strip like our regular controllers with the 16 colour variations if you don't want it sound operated all the time.

You can light up to 10 metres 72W RGB LED strip lights! When it is in sound-control mode, the colours will change with the rhythm of music. Install this party controller and power up your weekend!

This add a new dimension to lighting.


Improve and enhance and music control functions. Add up to 4 modes of pre-programmed sound-control. Light will jump/fade to follow different music rhythm: general/tenderness/active/DJ music.

This sound sensor IR LED controller for RGB strip light can select different colours and pre-programmed patterns; jump and fade. It can adjust the brightness and speed of colours, and the colour of the light will jump/fade according to the beat of music.

  • RGB Fleximusic Strip Light
  • With Sound Sensor
  • 20 key Remote Controller
  • Waterproof IP65
  • M Adhesive sticky back
  • 250cm long = 75 colour changing Diodes
  • Including Transformer


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