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Fire Rated Spot Light With 5w Energizer LED (Natural White 4000K)

Fire Rated Brushed Chrome Spot light with an Energizer 5W LED with NATURAL DAY WHITE Colour light giving over 340Lm which is equivalent to a traditional 50w Halogen but not so yellow light and will save you 85% energy.

The LED Spot light is made by Energizer a trusted brand that wont let you down and is easy to install, insulated terminal that can be connected to your new or exisiting set up.

Complete with illustrated fitting instructions & conforms to current UK safety regulations

  • ENERGIZER 5w LED Spot light
  • Fire Rated 90 min
  • insulated connector blocks
  • cut out Dia.75mm
  • 240v
  • Includes LED Spot light

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