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Energizer Standalone Photocell Day/Night Switch Sensor - LED Compatible

Our Energizer High quality Photocell sensors can be used in a variety of applications but are commonly used for outdoor lighting which needs to automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn, and is tested to work well with LED lighting.

The sensor automatically turn lights on or off in response to changes in ambient light levels primarily the transition from day to night and vice versa.

They also go on monitoring at times other than dusk and dawn enables the sensor to determine what it should be looking for minimizing false triggering and improving overall controller operation.

  • Auto Dusk til Dawn or Adjustable time on
  • Polycarb
  • Ambient Light 5~45Lux
  • Pre-set 15-30 Sec Delay to Avoid False Trigger
  • Low Power consumption (0.5w)
  • Max Loading Capacity 1000w
  • Florescent 300w or LED 300w
  • 240V
  • IP44
  • 88 x 88 x 130mm

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