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Energizer 5W GU10 LED Spot Light (Warm White 2700k) 12 Pack

These Energizer GU10 5W Spotlights are exceptional quality and can replace for your current halogen bulb in your existing light system as it works on the same design as standard GU10 holder, so the replacement is direct and easy and due to its short design will fit right in just about every GU10 fitting.

Consuming less then 5 Watts power but giving out 345 lumens which matches a 50 watt Halogen light giving you more lumen of light per watt, have less heat radiation, contain no mercury and are flicker free.

These bulbs are ultra energy efficient replacement of standard lamp and use 85% less energy than a normal bulb. Consisting of a single high output LED which produces a Warm White light that is ideal replacment for Halogen lights this suits all environments as it makes illuminated objects appear crisper. Incorporates the latest LED chips, Wide angle reflector, heat-sink, and driver technology.

LED bulbs last up to 10 times longer than halogen and 25 times longer than typical incandescent. These LED lights last an average 15 years so not only will you save on energy bills but also on maintenance and disposal costs. Also, because they produce very little heat they are safe to the touch and help reduce costs to run office air conditioning in the summer months.

  • BOX OF 12 with individual boxes
  • 5Watt GU10 Spot light (4.2W)
  • Beam angle: 36°
  • Crystal Lens type
  • Short 54mm
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS
  • Voltage: 95 -265V AC
  • Colour: 3000K Warm white
  • Working Temp: 40C

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