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Product Code: 2D-699-18D
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Emergency 2D LED 18w Light to Replace up to 50w

Our 2D LED Lamps are perfect for commercial applications giving high efficiency and long life which will also to reduce maintenance costs. Due to the 100 equally spaced day white LEDs used, they provide a nice even glow compared with a traditional strange looking 2D fluorescent element that often gives a dingy yellowish light.

These only use 18w of power and gives enough light to replace up to 50W fluorescent, emitting light instantly and unlike the old Fluorescent will not be affected by being switched on/off frequently.

LEDs emit no UV, run cool and have a service life up to 30000 hours and unlike fluorescent lamps they are not affected by cold temperatures and are far more energy efficient. As they run off the mains, simply by-pass the ballast and starter (if one present), plug into the existing 4-pin socket to use.

The included emergency battery module provides 3 hours back up in the event of mains power fails. Suitable for building exteriors, interiors, corridors, washrooms, anywhere which is currently lit with a 2D lamp.

  • Emergency 2D LED Light to replace 50W
  • Complete with battery pack inverter
  • 3 hour maintained or non maintained operation
  • 4000K - 1500lm
  • GR10Q - 240V Mains

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