Brand: LoNRG
Product Code: EM-665-3CD
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Emergency Exit 3w LED Sign - Packaging damaged

This is a 3 watt LED suspended exit sign 3 hour maintained, perfect for use in the industrial, retail and commercial areas. The body of the fitting is constructed from tough and durable double sided acrylic construction extruded aluminium support rail enclosing LED's on Linear PCB Supported by chains (not supplied)supported by aluminium alloy moulded housing which enclose the battery and circuits. Low energy consuming with a long service life can be installed on walls or ceiling hung from chain and of course CE approved

((( Packaging damaged, contents is perfect. )))

  • Emergency exit led sign
  • Source power: 3w LED
  • Input:220v
  • 3 Hours maintained
  • Size: 360x170x23mm
  • Wall or ceiling hang
  • Color: white IP30
  • Sight distance 25M
  • 1.2V 800mAh NiCD battery

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