Prime LED was incorporated in 2012 to help save energy primarily in the lighting sector. We import LED light bulbs from our manufacturers in China and supply a range of fitting for trade and project customers.


Helping household with replacement LED lighting, to replace most of the current fitting, we distribute E27, GU10, MR16 and bayonet fitting bulbs to help domestic user change a light bulb and save money. Lasting more than 50,000 hours and using a fraction of the electricity of the current fluorescent or halogen bulb, they pay for themselves within 2 years, and continue to save money for the next 15!


LED Street lighting direct from our factory supplier in China we can assist with a replacement program to reduce the street lighting bill. Councils are under pressure to save energy, and reduce budget in these hard economic times. LED street lighting is the solution.


T8 or fluorescent tube lights use over double the equivalent electricity of an LED. LED tube lights, which range from 600mm to 1800mm, are hard to distinguish from the traditional bulbs, in their appearance and light. Unlike the fluorescent tubes, they do not have UK light nor contain mercury


These establishments often have many GU10 and MR16 halogen spot lamps. Low Energy Distributors LLP currently offer a bulb replacement service, which typically saves 90% of the electricity consumed. The replacement LEDs give the same brightness in either warm or white light.


If you’re in the trade & would like a trade account, please create an account and apply for trade status, once your account is fully set up, when you log in you will see trade prices not the standard prices as you see now. For trade customers who spend a lot we will even provide you with an extra 5% off (via coupon at the checkout). So sign up today.


By setting up suppliers from China and working very closely with the companies, trailing and testing each product to make sure each product is of excellent quality, then importing the products to the UK and selling to the UK consumer.  We visit shows in the West Midlands and have offices both the West Midlands and the East Midlands. We offer at least a 2 year warranty on all our products to offer you, our customer peace of mind. What’s more our staff are here to help, you can contact us via email or via telephone. We are here waiting to help you.

  • Finding suppliers of only the highest standard of LED lighting.
  • Trailing and testing each product to make sure it's safe and lasts at least 20,000 hours
  • Importing huge quantities of products to the UK for the UK customers
  • Offering a minimum 2 year warranty on all our products for peace of mind
  • Offices based in the East and West Midlands of the UK
  • Fast and friendly customer service for before and after sales.


We sell and supply both the UK home owner customer and the UK based trade. Each year we help save companies and home owners thousands of pounds, from sourcing high quality LED lighting products. We supply these at the best prices on the market that means our customers save both money on our products as well as by saving energy. Here is how our customers are broken down.